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Cuban, Brazilian, New Orleans, and Groove Jazz. We play what we want! Often featuring original tunes by Kris (From his album: Latin Jazz Project) and by other members performing in the band. The instrumentation includes: woodwinds, guitar/piano, drums/percussion, & bass.
A few samples (more tunes available on the Music page):

  • Bemsha Swing - mambo (t.monk)
  • Cocinando - cha-cha-cha
  • - samba (gonzaguinha)

  • La Charanga Tres
    Since its premier performance March 10th, 2001 La Charanga Tres has been warmly received.
    As musical director, arranger, and flutist Kris assembled this nine piece orchestra to bring the elegant sound of Cuba's heritage music to life in Columbus, Ohio.
    La Charanga Tres has performed at various venues and events around central Ohio including: Dick's Den, 501 Jazz Bar, Rumba Cafe, Short North Sunday Jazz Series, Groveport Heritage Park, St. John's Italian Festival, The Ohio State University, and Festival Latino (with guest violinist Tregar Otton from Orquesta, La Moderna Tradicion).
    La Charanga Tres' instrumentation includes flute, violin, accordion, bass, piano, tiple/guitar, and percussion.
    Below are samples of La Charanga Tres from a performance at the Rumba Cafe:

  • La Enganadora - cha-cha-cha(1:04)
  • Capullito De Aleli - cumbia(1:57)
  • A Mi Que - mambo(1:38)
  • Almendra - danzon (3:31)

  • Trio Classique
    Flute, Violin, and Cello
    This ensemble performs classical repertoire: Mozart, Vivaldi, Danzi, Handel, Haydn, Teleman, Beethoven, and Bach among many others.

  • Divertimento No.1, Allegro Moderato (J.Haydn)
  • Divertimento No.3, Andante (J.Haydn)
  • Divertimento No.1 Andante (J.Haydn)
  • Sonate in A minor, Lento (G.P.Telemann)

  • Kris Keith Trio/Quartet
    With or without drums, we play as much beautiful music as possible from the American Song book and beyond. Instrumentation can vary: woodwinds, percussion/drums (with or without), bass (with or without), piano and/or guitar.
    This group is extremely versatile embracing multiple genres of instrumental music. Listen to recordings made at the Columbus Music Hall located on the Musicpage.

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