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This page contains a variety of recordings made by Kris. Enjoy... Please send any comments you might have in an email to Kris. Include your mailing address when ordering CD's.
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Live/Rough Cuts

All these recordings were made as they happened live.
Hope you enjoy...

Kris & La Charanga Tres at Becky's Bungalow
Recorded at Becky Ogden's Bungalow Jazz Series on May 24th, 2014. Musicians: Kris on flute, Erin Gilliland on violin, Mark Rubinstein on accordion, Chris Young on piano, Roger Hines on Bass, Joe Kryger & Eric Paton on percussion. Thank you to everyone who attended and to the fine musicians I'm blessed to perform with!

  • Minha Voz, Minha Vida 7min.
  • Kris' 2011 Masters Recital, Weigel Auditorium
    Recorded at Ohio State University on a snowy Wednesday evening, March 30th, 2011. Musicians: Kris on alto flute, Erin Gilliland on violin, Rob Firdman on violin, Brett Allen on viola, Luis Biava on cello, and Steve Perakis on bass. A great piece! An inspired performance... Thanks guys!!
    Thanks again to everyone in attendance!

  • The Secret of the Golden Flower(by Dave Morgan) 9min.09sec.
  • Kris Keith Quartet @ the Columbus Music Hall
    Recorded by Kris on Thursday, September 27th, 2007. Musicians: Kris on alto flute, Joe Hunter on piano, Derek DiCenzo on guitar, and Dave DeWitt on bass. What a great night of music making and swinging hard without a drummer. Thanks guys!!
    And thank all of you who came out to listen, what a great audience!

  • For All We Know (Coots & Lewis, arr. Kris Keith) 6min.36sec.
  • Coisa No. 10 (Moacir Santos) 5min.48sec.

  • HooDoo Soul Band @ Rumba Cafe
    Recorded by Jeff Farner on April 15th, 2007, two days after the HooDoo Soul Band member, Mark Greenwood (trombone), passed away. He will be greatly missed - we love you Mark.
    Solos by Dave Dewitt-keys, Tony McClung-drums, and Kris on Tenor Sax...Kevin Oliver on vocal banter at the end.

  • Do Like Eddie (John Scofield) 12min.17sec.
  • Andy Woodson Band @ Park Street Tavern
    Recorded by Andy on 3/13/05. Musicians: Andy Woodson-bass, Erik Augis-rhodes, Seth Earnest-drums, Mike Cox-soprano sax, Kris-tenor sax.

  • Catalpa (Andy Woodson) 9min.22sec.
  • Live Tracks Added Frequently...
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    Kris Keith & Minan-Dya: Latin Jazz Project
    Kris' debut solo flute album, recorded May 2000. Musicians include: Kris-flute/perc, Tim Cummiskey-acoustic guitar, Kevin Keith-electric guitar, Daniel Kelly-piano, Scott Gold-bass, Eric Paton-drums/perc., Mark Henderson & Ron Hope-percussion. ($15/CD, includes shipping)
    sample tracks:

  • I'll Remember April (J.Stone/DePal)
  • little things you do (kris keith)
  • moodswing (kris keith)
  • kan's klang (kris keith)

  • Magically Delicious
    Jazz quartet including: Michael Cox and Kris Keith on woodwinds, Andy Woodson on bass, and Tony McClung on drums/banjo. Recorded and released in '06. This Cd features originals from all the band members along with some very unique arrangements of some standard and not so standard tunes, ranging from hard-bop to Zappa and from brazilian to the Beatles. Where else are you going to hear bass clarinet, alto flute, acoustic bass, and banjo? ($15/CD, includes shipping)
    full length tracks:

  • 1898 Hymn (Micheal Cox)
  • Isotope (J. Henderson)
  • Dear Prudence (Lennon & McCartney)

  • Columbus Jazz Orchestra: The Colors of Jazz
    This album recorded May of '06 features Kris playing in the sax section on Baritone Sax. Beautifully recorded and produced at the Southern Theater, Columbus, Ohio by the legendary Joel Moss. The Columbus Jazz Orchestra never sounded better. This track features Kris on Alto Flute performing a classic song with a bossa nova groove and a tasty flugelhorn solo by Jim Powell. For more details and to purchase a copy of this CD please visit,

  • 'S Wonderful (Gershwin/arr.D.Springfield)

  • Miscellaneous Recordings

    Bahia Com H (Denis Brian)
    This album recorded between August 2005 and February 2006 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is Columbus, Ohio vocalist, Maggie Green's first self titled solo album. It features many Brazilian musicians and on this track Kris on alto flute and Kelly Delavaris (from Columbus) on background vocals. A very nice album from Maggie with many wonderful standards of the Brazilian song book. Congratulations Maggie!

  • Bahia Com H

  • We Are Spirits (Police)
    HooDoo Soul Band (studio cut, 2004). The first and only time HooDoo has recorded in a studio together. Kevin Oliver(rhythm guitar) sings this very cool version of a Police cover produced and mixed by Jeff Ciampa(bass). Tony McClung on drums, Mark Henderson on percussion, Dave DeWitt on keys, John Boerstler on lead guitar, Chris Young on trumpet/wah-trumpet solo, and Kris Keith on flute solo, Bari sax and Tenor. There's an interesting story about this session. Perhaps another time...

  • We Are Spirits

  • A Child is Born (Thad Jones)
    From the "Midwest Jazz Quintet" album, "Fresh Brew" recorded in 1999. Musicians include: Kris-flute, Erik Augis-piano, Greg Loughman-bass, and Dave Wienstock-drums. Not performing on this track, but the founding member of the group, Matt Kiernan-trumpet.
    Hope you enjoy it...

  • A Child is Born (Thad Jones)

  • Hermit Homage (Stan Smith)
    From the album "Bicycle: Paul Brown Stan Smith" released in '05. It features these two Columbus guitar legends performing together their original compositions with several talented local musicians including, Seth Earnest (drums) and Jeff Ciampa (bass). This track starts off with a whirlwind of sound written by Stan and Paul, played by Kris on Flute and Alto flute. Very groovey, funky-samba feel...

  • Hermit Homage (Stan Smith)